Schoolchildren of St. Peter Upendo Song of Thanks

Watch as the schoolchildren of St. Peter Upendo Primary School in Molo, Kenya sing a song of thanks to St. Ignatius of Loyola in Cincinnati, OH for their generosity.


Swahili (Kweli Kweli ni baraka kutoka kwa mungu, St.Ignatius  ni baraka kutoka kwa mungu)  

English (Truly Truly these are blessings from God,  St. Ignatius is a blessing from God).  

Then at the end they say:  

St. Ignatius Be Blessed 

St. Ignatius Be Blessed 

St. Ignatius USA Be Blessed 

The Power of Clean Water

This video, made by P&G Children's Safe Drinking Water and National Geographic, illustrates the importance of accessibility to clean, safe water.

Fr. Evans Says Thanks

Fr. Evans, Pastor of St. Peter Upendo Parish, says thanks to the St. Ignatius Parishioners for all that they've done.

HeadTeacher Kariuki says Thanks

 Mr. John Kariuki, HeadTeacher of St. Peter Upendo Primary School, says thanks to St. Ignatius Parish for all they have done (turn volume up). 

Video of Thanks from St Peter Upendo Parish

Appreciation by :-1. The school BOM chairman Mr. Makini. 2. The Headteacher Mr. Kariuki 3. The parish priest  Fr. Evans