February 23, 2019

This past weekend, the well for St. Peter Upendo was offiically christened and water has begun to be distributed!!!  See the video of the christening and water distribution below.   We're still without electricity but can use a generator to refill

February 2, 2019

A lot of progress has been made since the last update.  Everything we control (well, pump, tank, distribution kiosk) is all connected, tested and filled with water.  However we still have not been able to have the power company connect us to the grid.  Evne without that we hope to start operations in the upcoming week and use a generator to refill the tank until the power is connected.  Check out the slide show below for the latest pictures.

The St. Peter Upendo 2nd Collection will be the 1st weekend of March (March 3rd.)  The main goal of this campaign is to directly supply the school with water free of charge.  Thank you for your generosity.

December 25, 2018

Unfortunately we weren't able to meet our Christmas Day 2018 goal for having the well up and running, mostly due to the Electric Company not doing their hookup as promised.  However it should all be up and running soon.  Thanks for your support.

December 18, 2018

The most important part - the pump - has been installed.  The elevated stand for the tank has been put in and it is massive.  They also started the Distribution Kiosk.  The pictures slideshow below has been updated with pictures of these.  Check out all of the videos

Also the story of our work with St. Peter Upendo has gone global.  A blog entry entitled “GOOD NEWS – P&G has LOST a customer” has been posted on the global intranet home page for Procter & Gamble – one of our partners through their Children’s Safe Drinking Water program who manufactures and distributes the packets.  That means it’s in the center of the page for almost 100,000 employees worldwide and where it’s gotten over 1,500 views in its first day.  Positive reaction has come in literally from all over the globe including the Manager of the plant in Singapore where the packets are made.  A copy of this story is posted below in the Downloads Section   

Fr. Evans and the people of Upendo blessing St. I's

As a thank you for their support, Fr. Evans and the people of Upendo pray that the people of St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish be blessed.

Christening of the Well

Both Esther and Fr. Evans speak at the Christening of the Well

Fr. Evans Blessing the Equiptment

As part of the St. Peter Upendo Well Commissioning Fr. Evans blesses the equiptment with holy water

Fr. Evans filling the first jerrycans

As part of the christening, Fr. Evans Kulei, pastor of St. Peter Upendo, fills the first jerrycans with Water from the Rock

Our First Customers

See the children of Upendo fill their jerrycans with clean, safe drinking water

St Peter Upendo Borehole Drilling & Christening Slideshow

Watch as the borehole for St. Peter Upendo takes shape.

Video of Team around borehole

This video shows the main team of Peter Mania - Fountain Vent, Fr. Evans, Esther Wanja - Catholic Diocese of Nakuru Water programme and John Wanyoko - Chairman of the Water committee and person who donated the land that the church sits on.

Water is struck at St. Peter Upendo

On November 21, 2018 while drilling a borehole for the people of St. Peter Upendo, water was struck at a depth of 200 meters (656 feet).  The aquafier promises to be a productive site and pumping tests will be conducted to confirm.  Chemical analysis will be performed on the water to test the quality of it.

Pumping Yield Test

 They are executing a pumping yield test to see how much water the well (also known as a borehole) will be capable of producing.  Notice how clean and pure the water looks 

More testing with parishioners in the background

Fountain Vent is doing more testing of the newly drilled well (borehole).  Notice the St. Peter Upendo parishioners in the background as the camera pans.

WATER FROM THE ROCK - A Well for St. Peter Upendo

Exploration and Cost Quotation

In November, 2017 the St. Ignatius Parish funded a Water Exploration Study to research the existing boreholes (wells) in the area and use modern scientific methods to search for a suitable site for a well for St. Peter Upendo.  It was communicated on Christmas Day, 2017 to both parishes that the exploration had yielded two locations - the St. Peter Upendo Church Grounds and School Grounds. 

Once a viable water source was found, a quotation for the well installation and tank was secured.  Total cost will also include piping to the village below.


In order to fund this project, a special collection was approved for the weekend of March 4, 2018.  The goal was to raise half of what was needed and get a matching grant from Rotary International.  

 The total amount collected in March for the WATER FROM THE ROCK project is over $23,000, including one individual parishioner’s challenge grant of $4,000.  This means that, along with money that was already in the account, we have now raised enough money to fund the well even without the Rotary International matching grant.  This would not have been possible without the incredible generosity of the St. Ignatius Parishioners 

What's Next

We have teamed up with the local chapter of Engineers Without Borders ( site ) via a St. Ignatius parishioner to get their input on exactly how we should proceed.  They have a lot of experience in bringing safe water to communities in need and are currently running a project called “Hope for Kabingo” in the neighboring country of Uganda.  Their advice was to go slow, set up a water council, get a firm commitment (both time and money) from the community and get multiple drilling bids.  They also directed us to a Water Program being administered by the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru, St. Peter Upendo’s diocese.  We have reached out to them to see how they may be able to help as well.  

UPDATE (Sept 2018): We have teamed up with the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru Water Programme (site) .  Through them we commissioned a new hydrologist report, more water sampling and asked them to put together a plan for both maintenance and distribution.  They've also gathered additional drilling quotations.  The water samples have come back within acceptable limits and we are now vetting the drilling proposals to pick one.  We expect to start drilling soon and have the well in place by Christmas 2018.  You can see all of the files below.






St Peter Upendo Well Cost Comparisons (pdf)


GOOD NEWS - P&G has LOST a customer (pdf)